International Space Station Filmed UFO Close Up Giant Unexplained 1/4 Mile Wide Alien Object

Brace yourself. What you are about to see is out of this world. Literally and finally, the irrefutable proof of UFO footage presented by Astronauts. Initially, International Space Station Astronaut thought he is looking at earth satellite that somehow came very close to the space station. But first of all, it's against protocol for anything for ISS to be in such close proximity to space station. Second, it did not match to any country known civilian or military satellite. Third, ISS orbit earth at exactly 220 miles high while most of satellites orbit earth at Geosynchronous orbit at 22,326 miles or fling in space 100 times higher than International Space Station. Forth, no known satellite look so smooth - they all have solar panels and antennas stinking around but not this one. Fifth, it came from nowhere held still and investigated ISS for about 30 second and then disappeared with lighting fast speed. Finally, it was almost quarter mile wide - bigger than the biggest space station ever build. The only conclusion it came form different solar system or the future. NASA makes every astronaut to sign non disclosure agreement prior to any space flight and if you break it, you don't only loose your job but go to prison. Yet, one them transferred this mind blowing footage to Kryan channel to air and to show to the world that we are not alone. For this reason we cannot tell which astronaut made the footage and when, but it was confirmed to be 100% authentic and recent. We can only tell you that astronaut never spoke about it with his crew because if anyone knew that he is possession of this footage it would not ever see a daylight because of NASA secrecy like all other footages made by astronauts that were eased or lost. The whole encounter lasted for 30 seconds and the rest of the crew thought it was a computer glitch showing quarter mile object near space station and he was only one with camera seeing and filming this incredible object. Now you might still think that it is a satellite or object made on earth. So let us you how different earth made satellite look from what you just saw, and after seeing them, you won't have any doubts that whatever fly past this earth space ship was also was not from our time or our solar system.