Interplan Encounters – The Project Video Sample

Interplan Encounters is a feature film project about extraphysical interrelationships written by Mário Luna (ViaCons Filmes). The idea is to create a believable story based on proven paranormal evidences which have already been experienced by ordinary people in their multidimensional interactions, showing that evolving as a person implies in some sort of reconciliation and it involves our pluriexistential biography. "It’s a change that shall come from within. We won’t definitely be able to help anyone when we’re not self-helped by healing our inner world. Changing our ill extraphysical links rides on overcoming our weaknesses. Not considering it, when we try to mettle with paranormal events, may result in very dodgy consequences. That’s the reason why I question: are you ready to help?".

This film sample was made out of several footage sources, cut and paste uncountably times to fit in the screenplay purpose, which aims to show the film main idea to those interested in producing it. It’s thought to work as a film presentation, a visual sample.

Synopsis: a paranormal group is called in to investigate events of poltergeist in the abandoned building of a Madhouse downtown. The Government has plans to make the place a Museum, but the building has an extensive history of unexplained facts that recommends against any reform. What the researchers did not know was that the task of cleaning the spot energetically would put them face to face with themselves.

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