Jimmy Swaggart’s Unfinished Business With Sexy Suzi: The Prostitute Who Disappeared

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The official story of Jimmy Swaggart being caught with a prostitute is based on 1) a woman who failed 6 lie detector tests, and 2) an incredible amount of photos that are riddled with easily proven lies as well - as you will see in this video.

Watch the real story behind the prostitute scandal that exposed more of Jimmy Swaggart's hidden character in the 1980's. Through recently acquired information that had been scrubbed from public view since 1988, this video reveals what REALLY happened with Jimmy and a prostitute nicknamed "Sexy Suzi". This video proves how the official story today is in fact a COVER-UP using a DIFFERENT prostitute, a DIFFERENT motel, a "new" photographer, and STAGED photographs to go along with those new details.

The video reveals a time scenario surrounding the suspicious disappearance of the real prostitute, positioning the spotlight now on Jimmy Swaggart and his highly possible involvement with the woman's unexplained disappearance and apparent death.

In Swaggart's "tearful confession" and three pulpit messages shortly following, Jimmy projected his desire to identify with David in the Bible. David had a TRUE heart after the Lord, but fell in one instance of adultery and one instance of murder. Apparently Jimmy was looking for the same sort of "forgiveness" from his audience, even though his one EXPOSED instance of adultery was in fact just one of HUNDREDS of such instances of Swaggart's adultery. And now this newly uncovered evidence ALSO reveals that Swaggart could well have participated in a MURDER just like David did - the murder of his prostitute "Sexy Suzi".

Sadly, scores of people have gotten much closer to Jimmy, his wife Frances and even his son Donnie- closer than the stage normally allows. They have seen that the Swaggarts are far from the characters they act out on stage. Their arrogant and often vicious ways leave a lasting impression on those who knew them personally but got on their "wrong side". Some of those individuals never got the chance to talk about it. So it is with his prostitute "Sexy Suzi" - a girl Jimmy loved to "play with", but who somehow vanished after she talked too much.

*** While this video presents much of the evidence that the producers now have, it does not in any way present all of the evidence. Statements and conclusions are made based on more evidence than was possible to present for a public viewing.
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