Kevin’s Cirque du Soleil LIVE Audition


My name is Kevin Hamilton and I am a professional performance artist. I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at Webster University. -and currently performing and teaching in Asia. However, I am searching for the next move for my life and Cirque Du Soleil might be an option because I recieved an invitation for a LIVE audition.... but before we get to that news...

Anyway, I love the art of dance, acting, theatre, modeling, and choreographing. I have trained and training intensely to enjoy my passion. My favorite part about performing is having the opportunity to impact the audience in a positive way. An example of this is when I had the pleasure to performed in the Webster University’s Showcase a couple years ago. - I remembered waiting anxiously backstage for my turn to entertain the audience with my cheesy prepared lip-sync dance routine. Walking confident on stage after the host announced my name to perform, I remembered an unexplained energy entering the space. I stood still and closed my eyes then took a deep breath, as the music started I exhale and went to work! When I finished the performance, the entire audience was standing clapping, cheering, and crying. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe the affect my performance had on the people. I remembered going home that night in tears and couldn’t help feeling a sense of gratitude towards the entire experience, thanking God for this gift and yearning to use it to change the world.

It was that moment when I realized the power of performance and connecting with the audience.

This type of energy is an amazing high and I have big plans to use this power by making a difference in the world. -using the stage as a platform to change lives and creating common ground with the people. It's a passion and I am determine to make my dreams to a reality.

Soooooo I randomly sent my portfolio to Cirque du Soleil just for fun... I was not expecting a response, because I honestly thought I needed more training before joining that company. ...Well the casting team of Cirque has invited me to a LIVE audition in Australia! WOW. ...The reason why I am sharing is because the casting team of Cirque du Soleil DO NOT cover travel expenses for LIVE auditions.

Remember to keep in mind, EVERYONE is NOT chosen to attend a LIVE audition... and since I am chosen then that means their is a 95% chance I could perform with this fabulous company of Cirque! So please help and support the DREAM of a black man trying to be successful in this world, because this opportunity will allow my talents to be seen and discovered by one of the biggest companies in the world!

My audition is the first week in February so I need HELP ASAP for flight tickets, room and board, food, and dance attire.

I am only ONE MAN and can NOT do this alone. So please HELP if you can!

I guarantee you that I am a great investment or your money back. ...Also, I would like to say when I have my BIG moment in life rather it is a Cirque Du Soleil or not, I promise the ones who support will not be forgotten!

-Peace, Love, & Blessings-

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