Item Code: IM052
Metric Dimensions: 44 x 39 x 10 mm
Imperial Dimensions: 1 3/4” x 1 1/2” x 3/8”
Weight: 93.3 Carats (18.67 grams)
An Investor Grade Moldavite™ – the exclusive grade offered only here at Arkadia – this specimen has wild spiky texture and wondrous green transparency. At 18+ grams, it is at least three times the size of average Moldavites. The flowing, liquid-like texture is naturally punctuated with cavernous “pits” which are highly-desirable in this gemstone.
There is no other gem on Earth that is believed to have, at least in part, come from outer space. Scientists have dated the crash of the Moldavite-creating meteoroid at about 12-15 million years ago, making this Tektite not only super rare and unusual (the only one of semi-precious quality), but also ancient and filled with mystery.
There is as yet no certainty as to where this gem comes from exactly, but it’s thought that it is an impact glass with traces of something from out of this world. The formation may have occurred in a flash of superheated plasma discharge which fused existing terrestrial material with something extraterrestrial.
Collectors, investors, healers, rockhounds and avid seekers of the rare and arcane have all begun to value this stone highly, and it’s price is rising accordingly as the available supply dwindles. Used by many for esoteric and energetic reasons such as cosmic consciousness, deep meditation, personal transformation and positive manifestation, this most unusual of gemstones is set to soar in value in the coming years.
Someone interested in the phenomenal textural variety as well as, perhaps, the mystical qualities of this cosmic gem will bring this vibrant specimen into their lives and take special care of it for years to come!

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Large and Unusual Moldavite Specimen 18.6g