Lars Moston & Ben Mono – Can’t Stop music video

About the technique – The video is based on audio reactive visuals, so
real-time synchronization plays great role in the piece. To boost the
weirdness of the work, there is an iTunes visualizer available for those
with Mac OS X 10.6. And even more! The source code used in the video is
published under Creative Commons license (this actually is a thing that
everyone should do)! You can get these extra goodies from:

About the content – The song "Can't Stop" nods partially to 90's house
music, so we tried to get the feeling of how things were done in the 90's to
this piece. Basically this means that we had to forget any ideas we had
about any kind of storytelling. Remember those VHS tapes filled with home
recorded music videos, where people just did unexplained crazy and stupid
things? Well…

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