Magnetism, fire and bliss
Seeds placed for contemplation; Gateways and portal work at sacred sites, magnetic pull, how earth, and human systems build magnetic force. Ley lines/grids of earth and body, What the energy is showing me.
Do you see the finger or what it is pointing too. Example given is Glastonbury Torr
Earth shifts, new earth, human shifts -new human
Conscious Evolution (Evolver) group starts 11th Feb
How the chakra evolve into the ascension tube within the Torus.
Process of creating the force to pass our genetic information out faster than the speed of light.
Mortality of our genetic information.
Grid of the body, pine cones kissing and the point of connect
Where the spirit lines cross at 3, 6, 9, there is a vortex created
Chakra and power spots of the earth
Reflection of experience i.e. pain in teeth – how to read this? How the pain moved around gave info to the pattern and data.
Each tooth is related to a meridian, and also transceivers like coils that send and receive information.
Magnetic force, building central core for ascension process
Energetic surgery level of energy work.
Basic awakening to highest experiencing.
Embodied ascension raise the magnetism, working vortices and grids
Inputting the tornado, the spin,
Toroidal spin, the internal external
Earth, Moon, Sun how this affects our connections – the suckability of life force.
Yin and yang vortices working
Riding the magnetic grid lines on earth and on the body. Example of riding the grid.
Polarity, and the loss of it.
Charged fields travel with spin,
The double toroidal spin and implosion to shoot our information= ascension
Moon as a bell, that when in front of the sun can distort the data
To get the information we need alignment and tube.
Info on preparing your physical and energetic systems for highest awareness
Ancestors and relationship to the celestial sounds.
holy grail and the sang grila or song of the blood.
Bliss = sending genetic information with force via internal fisson
Re-membering as we come back around from transcendence to re embody- death / rebirth we have the memories of the ancestors.
Cross of the helix, merkaba, heaven and earth, the merge of the two give you the awareness and star.
How DNA braids relates to our emotions and the symmetry
Each chakra has a tone like a doorbell, as you move through you see, feel, sense, know, more than the last place
Symmetry is growth/life
The bio field viewer image was shows symmetry and field health
The feel of fluidity and wave like magnetism or mother example of Cathedral Rock.
The electric/father showed as the geometry and movement -Example Bell Rock
Centripetal motion to create spin and life
Energetic alignments. The energy work at
Feeling misalignment and keeping alignment in times of stress

13th crystal skull shows, via the movable mandible teeth/jaw being transceivers.
Shifting how we transmit information, even as we speak.

A full sack of seeds for you to ponder, plant or what ever you please.

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Magnetism, fire and bliss