MARK OF THE DAMNED is a full-length motion picture. Shot in black and white, MARK OF TH E DAMNED is of the "SCI-FI" genre. But MARK OF THE DAMNED is more than that. It is a Midnight Movie. And being a Midnight Movie MARK OF THE DAMNED addresses many important and troubling issues that confront live humans every day.
Set in an amplified world MARK OF THE DAMNED tells the story of Diane, a young woman pursued by a brutal force that threatens to consummate the inhuman prophecy she may have been born to fulfill. Alive with tension, this story offers a scenario where human kind must brave the passions of space horror to insure the tomorrow of a sane earth. Will the Zombie Epidemic puke into the lives of every man, woman, and child? Are the intentions of Professor Ramirez in Diane's best interest? Will the Vampire Queen's sarcophagous hunger crush the incalculable strength of the masked hero King Silver? Madmen and beautiful ghouls people a landscape of terror and mystery in MARK OF THE DAMNED. Here is part III, look for rest of the film on RVAMAG.COM and VIMEO.

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