Marriage-4 “Gender-Specific Protection” (By Cere Muscarella) 11-11-12

Our mini-marriage series… Is built on giving the kind of love that is willing to alter its course for the sake of
others… (nothing in the way!) Jesus’ kind of love!
It makes no sense to gain the whole world and lose our own marriages! Jesus kind of love must begin
at home with our mates! Not “sacrificial” when we reap the rewards of making the right choices!

If we are in trouble… we put a hold on everything to get the proper help to heal! WE GIVE OUR “GOD’S BEST”
EFFORT TO SAVE OUR MARRIAGE! It may require the “oddity” of being “separate for a time to pray” but “being
back together again quickly” to not give the devil any place to put you to the test for your incontinency…”
1Cor 7.5 (Ex 19.15, 1Sam21.4 “3 days of separation”)

If we are not in trouble we do all we can to build a strong marriage… Because we want to honor God as
Designer! God designed all ministry on earth to flow from strong marriages and sound families! G1/2 Adam &
Eve, 8/9 Noah, 35 Jacob We want to depict Jesus love relationship with the Church! And we want to have great
lives! Physically/mentally/spiritually/prayer!

To build strong marriages… We communicate, a lot! We align ourselves with the “great mystery!” musterion:
something to be revealed!) “That the man and his wife, are made one flesh…” And we love, protect and serve
each other with the love that is willing to alter its course for the sake of another!
Two main battlefields… Sexuality and Avidity…

Be Blessed The Media Team (Vizzion Productions)

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Marriage-4 “Gender-Specific Protection” 11-11-12