Meditations and Everyday Energy Practices for GOOD PSYCHIC HYGIENE 9/30/15 (intro)

Recording Date: Wednesday 9/30/15 7-8:30pm

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Description: Ever feel out of sorts and don’t know why? Sort of ungrounded when in fact you are quite grounded. Ever feel sharp pains in your body that are unexplained or have no clear medical reason? Or, have you ever had times where you can’t seem to get out of your head or seem especially attuned to negative thinking? And don’t even get me started on the many energetic causes of anxiety. In tonight’s web class, we will focus on the how to keep ourselves energetically clear and clean as well as discuss and practice good energy hygiene techniques that you can use every day. This is a must for people who are very energy sensitive and one to practice with your children who are just naturally energy sensitive.

Some things we will cover
* The difference between empathy, psychic pollution, psychic attack
* How to recognize when you are experiencing these situations
* How to energetically clear yourself and others
* How to clear your homes, offices, cars, belongings without using traditional clearing tools like sage
* Daily energetic practices that essential for the energy sensitive

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