Arguably set in the year 1919, the daughters of Mother Nature and King Poseidon are banished to Earth in order to retrieve the Bird of Paradise for which they have lost. The bird begins to reave havoc as she plants her seeds upon the earth, giving rise to the Midsummer Night’s Queens.

Throughout February and March 2016 the audience will be left to solve the mystery of PARADISE LOST. Is this all a dream? The year 1919? Who will find the bird? But most importantly, who is the Bird of Paradise?
Midsummer Night's Queen returns as an operatic photo-film inspired by the myths and legends of baroque antiquity.

Told episodically through a series of photographic and film shorts, this series will feature a range of Australian Drag Artists as they take on a range of Gods and Legends as part of the core narrative. Each photographic episode will feature each Drag Artists and will be constructed of a variety of images (10-15) to construct each portion of the story.

The complete series can be viewed online throughout February and March at DREAM SYNDICATE – www.dreamsyndicate.org

Directed, Produced, Filmed and Edited by Ashley Andres Penin
Co-Creative Director: Tomas Stokes
Starring: Marie Claire and Krystal Kleer

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Viewed: 802