Missing 411- Sneak Peek (2017) Unexplained Disappearances Documentary

In "Missing 411", Search and Rescue Retraces the Steps of a Missing Child Who Survived for 3 days alone in the woods and was found walking out of the fog in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter.

Missing 411 chronicles the unsolved yet eerily similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America accross multiple decades. Based on the best selling books series written by David Paulides Missing 411 is a real-life horror story for those involved, the film examines each case from multiple perspectives in an attempt to shed light on the unsettling topic. Les Stroud of Survivorman and Obama-appointed, former Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar are both interviewed for their insight into the topic, as are the families who have fallen victim to tragedy.

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