Most HAUNTED Places In The World!

Here are some of the top creepiest, scariest places in the world. Most of these unexplained places are haunted by ghosts and straight out of a horror movie. Check out the spooky Island of the Dolls, the weird Hoia Baciu Forest, the scary Hanging Coffins, the haunted Sedlec Ossuary, the dangerous Pripyat, the mysterious Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave and the creepy Akodessewa Fetish Market!

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List of HAUNTED Places In The World:

1. Dolls Island is possible the most haunted place in the world! This creepy place has hundreds of haunted dolls hanging in trees, ready to ambush anyone daring to enter the forest. If you're afraid of dolls I do not recommend going here, the only thing worse than dolls are HAUNTED dolls!
2. The Hoia Baciu Forest is straight out of a horror movie. This haunted forest is one of the places that is often referred to as the bermuda triangle of the country. UFO's and other paranormal activity has been spotted in this place, but I personally think this place is just haunted by ghosts...