Most HIDDEN Secrets On Google Earth!

Check out the most hidden secrets on google earth! You won't believe this top list of censored images on google maps!

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In El Ejido in southern Spain there is a perfectly square blur in the middle of what appears to be a sea of tin roofs and development sites. What’s underneath this square is a mystery and of course there are many theories as to what it could be. If you look up this location on either Bing or Yahoo maps, the hidden area remains constant, unlike some of the other areas mentioned on this list. Depending on who you talk to, conspiracy theorists claim it could be anything from a helicopter pad to a missile silo. However, while searching the internet I found a link to maps from a Russian company that does not block this square and it isn't blurred, but we still don't know what it is. It is most likely a hidden heliport that serves some unknown purpose.
This Hungarian oil refinery has one of the strangest acts of censorship you will ever see. The facility requested to be covered by a green block on the map with the streets still laid out. The buildings and grounds have been deleted but nobody knows why. However, it’s only like this on Google Earth. If you look up this location on any other map provider you can see everything; pipelines, storage tanks, production facilities, etc. making this a very confusing attempt at censoring. What's hiding underneath?
There is a Specific location in Siberia that has been blurred out, and supposedly no one knows why. Under Communism there were many closed cities that were home to strategic families. Most were not shown on maps and freedom of movement was heavily restricted. In 1986, Russian citizens were officially told that there were dozens of these cities and towns all over the country, housing over a million people. The town known as Arzamas-16 was the home of the engineers who ended America’s monopoly. Could this spot be one of the secret, closed cities? Commenters on the website Siberian Light, have speculated it’s a radar station or missile interceptor, and others say that it is an oil rig or pipeline. The image of the surrounding area may have even been copied and pasted from another part of the country. The closest city to this spot is Egvekinot, Russia, which neighbors Alaska across the Bering Strait so it's unclear what could be hiding in the middle of the Siberian tundra. Maybe we could ask Sarah Palin since she can see it from her house.
Everyone knows Colonel Sanders, the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC has him on every single billboard, commercial, the internet and he’s instantly recognizable with his great combo of mustache and glasses. However, don’t be expected to find his likeness on Google Earth or street view. Every single KFC location has the Colonel's face blurred out. Doesn’t do much good, as we all know exactly who they’re trying to hide. But why blur him out in the first place? According to Google Sanders was a real person, and for security reasons every single person on Google maps and earth is suppose to be blurred out.
As you browse Google Earth, you’ll find that there are actually quite a few blocked out spots across the Netherlands, a country notorious for censoring their military facilities online. This picture shows the Volkel Air Base, so pixilated that it looks like neo-impressionism. This Photoshop fail has been hiding a dark secret for years. In 2010, much to conspiracy theorists delight, Wikileaks published a diplomatic cable that said The Air Base was storing American warheads. This wasn’t confirmed until the next year, when former Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers stated that the Volkel Air Base is in fact housing 22 B61 items. These items were the favorite tool in America’s “Enduring Stockpile” What's scary is that these items are four times more powerful than the items that were dropped on Japan in 1945. But even after Dutch officials admitted what was going on, The site remains blocked on Google Earth. More recently former Prime Minister Lubbers said that, “I would never have thought those silly things would still be there in 2013. I think they are an absolutely pointless part of a tradition in military thinking.” There is probably a lot more lying behind that pixilated curtain.
Baker Lake is near the exact geographic center of Canada and prides itself on its Inuit art and ecotourism.