Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Architecture!

Check out the most mysterious ancient architecture! This top 10 list of unexplained mysteries features strange alien architecture around the world. Could it be built by extraterrestrial life aka aliens?

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9. Sacsayhuamán
Our planet has many astounding relics from the past that we still don’t understand how people from that era were able to make them. To explain missing links, people claim that ancient civilizations must have had help from interstellar friends!
The fortress of Sacsayhuamán (or Sexy Woman if you don’t speak Spanish), is a fortress believed to have been built by aliens. Located in the Peruvian Andes, just outside the old Inca capital of Cusco, this fortress is estimated to be over 1,000 years old. The walls are built out of enormous stones that seem to be carved with laser-like precision. The rocks are stacked together like a jigsaw puzzle and are estimated to weigh almost 360 tons each. Not just that, to build the fortress, the rocks were hauled for more than 32 km before being lifted and placed with such immaculate perfection. Sacsayhuamán continues to baffle the scientific community.
Archeologists have tried to debunk the mystery of this alien wonder. It turns out the Inca Empire had already mastered engineering skills way before other civilizations rose to prominence. They built several fortified complexes for astrological readings and to keep track of calendars. As to how the Incas moved the stones remains a mystery. However, of course there are many theories based on the traces of evidence discovered across the sites. According to one popular belief, the Incas had developed a rope and lever system, which could move very large stones. Even modern day machinery would have a hard time transporting these intricate masonry designs. How exactly did they do it? We still don’t know for sure so until then, just turn on Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and they will have an explanation for everything!

8. Baalbek, Lebanon
Baalbek is a city in Lebanon with a population of around 83,000 people. It is famous for being the home of one of the most mysterious ruins of the Roman Empire. It turns out that a 2,000 year old Roman temple to Jupiter was built on top of 3 stone blocks weighing almost 1,000 tons each. In the quarry, there are two gigantic stones that never made it into the temple.
One of the stones, known as the “Stone of the South”, is the largest worked monolith on Earth, weighing in at 1,242 tons.
Right across from it also lies the “Stone of the Pregnant Woman” which is also estimated to be around 1000 tons. The true origin of this site still remains unknown, however, what is more baffling is how these stones got there in the first place before being precisely set. Numerous stories have been going around the town for centuries. According to one story, there once lived a pregnant woman who tricked people into believing she would share the secret of how to move the giant stones only if the people provided her with food until she gave birth. Some say the stone grants the woman who touches it with fertility. Others say that a giant genie was responsible for moving and cutting the stones. And the rest? You already know the answer. It was aliens.
The stones are cut very precisely, and the origins of the sacred spot underneath the Temple of Jupiter are shrouded in mystery. It could have been built by the Phoenicians or rumor has it that Cain himself may have built it with enslaved giants. They were placed extremely accurately and why they would use such enormous blocks isn’t clear.

7. Easter Island Heads
These iconic heads are known as Moai by the Rapa Nui people who carved the figures between 1100 to 1680 AD (or CE, whichever you want to call it). Considering there are so many of them and the fact that they are so huge, a lot of people actually believe they were built by aliens. Not just that, they are located on one of the most remote places on Earth, which today is inhabited by only a few people. Almost 1,000 statues have been documented, which on average weigh up to around 10 tons each. However, there are many that were not completed that weigh over 200 tons!! What’s even more astounding is that an archaeological expedition discovered that the massive heads that we see on the surface, have full bodies underneath them.

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