Most MYSTERIOUS Islands In The World!

Check out the most mysterious islands in the world! This top 10 list of abandoned and haunted islands has some of the most bizarre deserted places in the ocean!

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10. Vozrozhdeniya Island
In times of war, islands are a perfect place for both military bases, and secret experimental labs! During the Cold War, the Soviet Union used Vozrozhdeniya Island for just that purpose. In fact, this island was at its peak during the earliest days of the Soviet Union, in the 1920's.

9. Bannerman Island
Bannerman Island can be found a little ways away from New York City. At one time, it was one man's dream to build a mighty castle there, which you can still see part of today. It is (or was) one of the most amazing mansions in the US. But the real mystery is that the island seems to be cursed.

8. Earthquake Island
Earthquakes are some of the most damaging natural disasters in the world, but in 2013, one actually created an island. In Pakistan, a massive earthquake devastated the country, killing dozens and destroying many homes. But, once the earthquake had stopped, people started to notice something odd happening just off shore.

7. Magic Island
Not all mysterious islands are found here on Earth. In fact, NASA is constantly searching planets and stars for places where humans can go. So imagine the surprise when Jason Hofgartner, a planetary scientist at Cornell University started to look at the latest images of the Cassini Space Probe, and noticed that Titan, appeared to have an island on it.

6. Floating Eye Island
In 2016, a man named Sergio Neuspiller was in Argentina looking for locations to help film a science-fiction movie he was planning. When he surveyed the territory with a plane and looked at the Parana Delta, he found two very mysterious things. He found a lake in the shape of a perfect circle, and a floating island that is also in the shape of a perfect circle.

5. Isla Bermeja
For many countries, islands can be powerful and strategic places. Mexico claimed Isla Bermeja in the 1700’s to help extend their territory against rival nations.
They claimed the island as their own, and because it was farther than any other island in their territory, it greatly expanded the "limit" of their country’s economic reach.

4. Diego Garcia
The island of Diego Garcia can be found in the Indian Ocean, and it has a strange shape. It has pristine beaches and a tropical forest. But, in 1973, the United States (after leasing the island from Great Britain), moved in and installed a military base on the island.

3. Partridge Island
Not all islands are meant to be nice per se, and Canada's Partridge Island was a place with a specific purpose. It was meant to house immigrants who might have had communicable diseases, and was used as a quarantine until they could be cleared and enter the country properly. This island had a lot of people come in, including numerous Irish immigrants during the legendary potato famine of 1847.

2. Socotra Island
Socotra Island may just be one of the most mysterious islands on the face of the Earth, simply because its people and plants are unlike anything else, and no one is really sure why. 220 miles from Yemen, 30% of the plants on Socotra Island can't be found anywhere else on Earth. As such, it's been declared a "UNESCO World Heritage Site", and much of the island is also a national park.

1. Easter Island
Easter Island is without a doubt the most mysterious islands ever, simply because there's not a lot of information about the people who lived there. The Rapa Nui left behind giant, stone figures looking over the hillsides, and these people were extremely isolated. They were some 2,300 miles west of South America and 1,100 miles from the nearest island.

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