Mystery, Babylon Part 3

Mystery, Babylon and the Multi-headed Beast
Monday, October 25, 2010 Comments (0)

This year I have endeavored to preach several series of sermons from the Book of Revelation. I spoke concerning, The Revealed Redeemer, The Message of the Master in the Midst, and most recently, The Turbulent Tribulation. Over these past few Sundays, I have introduced a fourth series from the Book of Revelation, The Judgment of Babylon! In this series of sermons I am expounding upon the seventh vial and the coming judgment that will bring about the destruction of the world as we know it. The great day of God’s wrath will be a grievous time for earth dwellers. The false religious, economic, political system of this world will be completely obliterated. God will triumph over Satan and his antichrist. “Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother of Harlots, The Abomination of the Earth” and the Beast she rides upon will meet their ultimate doom as our Lord comes in great power and glory to close out the age of deception. The first sermon of the series is Mystery, Babylon and the Multi-headed Beast. This message has three main points, A Historic View of Babylon, which was the topic of our first Sunday in the series. Today we are still focusing on the second point, A Hermeneutical View of Babylon, and next week, I will finish this sermon bringing its final point, A Horrific View of Babylon.
Today’s sermon continues with A Hermeneutical View of Babylon, which simply means a Biblical accounting of the subject rightly divided. Last Sunday, I spoke of The Lady of the Night, whom we have identified already as Mystery, Babylon. I expounded upon Her Pagan Activities, Her Profane Allurements and Her Persistent Attacks. Today, I will speak about The Lewder of the Nations, which is the Beast upon which the harlot rides. I pray you will be blessed by the message today and that if indeed you are not saved, God will call you out by His grace to flee from the wrath to come. If you know the Savior, watch and pray! As always, I love you because of Christ.
~Dr. Timothy Sims

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