Visions of coming disaster to America because of Obama’s lead in the 70 state recommendation to divide Israel will result in America being destroyed by the Lord. The Antarctica Mystery deepens, and could the New Discovery, as the bots call it, be a ruse that covers over the real nature of what is going on there with deep black state high technology and the possibility that the elite may be ready for a fake arrival to “invade” Earth, per Von Braun’s statement to Carol Rosin of a fake invasion and that all of it is a lie. Could it be that the movie “Iron Sky”, cast as a satire of Nazi operations in Antarctica and the moon be more real than anyone believed, and how does this tie into Donald Trump’s rise to power at the very moment “leaks” are coming out of the South Pole concerning UFO operations, and the TV movie serial called “Taken” and the UFO-Alien, DNA manipulations to produce the end product of a blue eyed, blond girl? Is there something going on here under the surface? And much more…

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Night Shadows (011317) Antarctica, Nazi’s, UFO’s, Trump & The Rise Of The Fourth Reich