Nostalgia MN 3000

For this piece I wanted to take something that was digital, nostalgic and quintessentially Minnesotan and put it through a process where it’s taken apart, put together again and compressed into a confined, familiar space (like a brain or a memory box).

In this case I focused on the cult classic television show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, which was conceived, written and produced within 50 miles of the Twin Cities. This piece utilizes thousands of individual frames that are rearranged and juxtaposed with others that are similar but shot years apart from one another. The footage is also heavily distorted and reversed, playing out like a scrambled radio transmission or a worn out videotape.

The overall effect is watching a decade of television steadily evolve yet happen all at once, which organizes and corrupts time. The images may be familiar to the layperson and the fans, but they are being presented in an unfamiliar way. In keeping with the show’s sensibilities, the piece is not only nostalgic but futuristic, like something from Earth that has been reinterpreted and beamed down from space (or maybe the Satellite Of Love).

This piece was a part of The Soap Factory's Disruption:2017 exhibit, on display in Minneapolis from Jan 14 - Feb 12. (It played on a cathode ray tube television, the technology that delivered the show to its viewers nearly 20 years ago.)

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