NUOC 2030 Trailer-HD

Scientists say that the earth is experiencing a global-warming hiatus due to the oceans’ ability to absorb heat. But warming will resume in 2030, so we should heed the warnings of Nuoc 2030 (Water 2030), a ravishingly beautiful film that blends elements of romance, murder mystery, and vengeance tale to dramatize the Mekong Delta’s impending environmental nightmare. In a near-future southern Vietnam, where rising waters have displaced 80 percent of the people, and vegetables are scarce, the remaining citizens live on houseboats and catch what fish are left. The secretive Dai Thanh Corporation operates a floating farm nearby, using desalination and solar power and-it’s rumored-methods more ominous. When her husband is found dead, young widow Sao gets a job at the farm so she can find his killer. The dramatic human consequences of climate change are given a sensuous and lyrically elegant treatment by Nghiem-Minh, a Vietnamese American who was a physicist before embarking on his filmmaking career. US PREMIERE at MVFF37 2014

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