OUR CHURCH – Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer to the upcoming documentary from the NATIVE AMERICAN PARANORMAL PROJECT.

In Seminole county, Oklahoma resides an old church known as Rock Springs Indian Baptist Church and to the surrounding families and members it has been a spiritual home for generations. Just like many of the other Indian churches in the area, Rock Springs have kept the old tradition and worship service practices alive.
Their history is preserved, passed down mostly through oral storytelling.

Amongst those stories are those of the paranormal. On any given Sunday or church meeting it is not uncommon to hear or see something whom they believe are family or former members who have passed on and now buried there. There is a sense of comfort rather than fear. The events they experience are of someone they may have once knew, someone they may have once loved, someone who used to call Rock Springs their church, their home.

The Native American Paranormal Project has been invited out to Rock Springs to tell these stories. The paranormal, the history, the old traditions of Indian churches will be passed down in our latest documentary, OUR CHURCH.

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