Pentagon Disclosure and Unexplained Aircraft/UFO Encounters

In this video, I look at some famous aircraft-UFO encounters that were heard at the Citizen Hearing in 2013 such as JAL Flight 1628 over Anchorage and the Peruvian pilot Oscar Santa Maria who was ordered to attack a UFO in 1980. Plus you'll learn about some new cases that you've never heard of before including: B-52s encounter UFOs in 1967 over Turkey/Soviet border and two F-104s attack UFO over Lake Superior in 1964 only to lose all engine power and crash into the lake. I also discuss the case of the Luftansa pilot whose jet collided with a small UFO while landing at Mexico City airport. His airline attributed the damage to the plane to metal fatigue.

Images by Simeon Hein, or from Public Domain, or by Fair Use.

Intro theme "Beyond Distance" by Simeon Hein, from the Album EARTH DREAMING, available on iTunes.

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