People of Nepal

By Lior Sperandeo.

People of Nepal is the first film in the ''People of'' series.
We arrived to the shattered city of Katmandu 24 hours after the disaster filming a documentary about an Israeli rescue team.
For the first few days, I followed the staff of the disaster relief team, documenting their work. As time went by, I started shifting focus to the local people of Kathmandu. Far from the medias' attention, men, women, and children who lost everything, worked tirelessly to piece their lives back together. The longer I spent with the Nepalese, I began to see them as heroes, rather than helpless victims. In the midst of their catastrophic situation, they showed great determination, courage, and hope.

Special thanks to Camera assist & Drone Operator - Joel Davis who joined me for this journey

All shot with the CANON 1DC
Drone shot with the DJI Phantom 2/ Gopro4
Edited with Premiere pro

Music by - Sleeping at Last

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