Petunia “Mercy” – Music Video

Based on the dancing plague of 1518, hundreds of people become seized by an involuntary hysterical reaction to dance. Whether a curse from St. Vitus, malnutrition, or a case of mass hysteria, the dancing plague remains unexplained.

Winner. of Best Music Video 2016 - Alberta Film & Television Awards:

Producer: Laura Combden
Director: Aaron Bernakevitch
Cinematographer: Aaron Bernakevitch
Editor: Charles Hamilton

Song written and arranged by Petunia
Performed by Petunia and the Vipers
Petunia: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Piano
Jimmy Roy: Lapsteel Guitar
Stephen Nikleva: Electric Guitar
Sam Shoichet: Acoustic Bass
Marc L’Esperance: Drums, Percussion, Tenor Saxophone

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