Pictures of Infinity – Fundraising Trailer

This is a fundraising trailer for Pictures of Infinity, a feature documentary in the final stages of development. For more information, please visit, and if you support this effort, any contribution you make will bring this film closer to production. Thank you!


Pictures of Infinity is a feature documentary about Nikola Tesla’s discovery that the earth produces an unlimited reservoir of natural electricity and the system he invented to harness it, based on an entirely new understanding of physics.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a visionary scientist and engineer whose inventions such as alternating current electricity, wireless transmission (which became radio), lasers, spark plugs and the circuits used in televisions and computers, form the basis of our modern technological civilization. In the last part of his life he discovered that the earth produces an infinite reservoir of natural electricity, and developed a complete system to harness it to meet global energy needs. The presence of this energy has now been confirmed as ‘zero point energy’, but this work was so advanced it was deemed unacceptable to the scientific community at that time. All funding for his projects was withdrawn, his name seemed to disappear from the history books, and since then all of this visionary work has remained veiled in mystery.

Pictures of Infinity will explore and interpret Nikola Tesla’s unusual understanding of physics with a unique integration of animated graphics, sound design, dramatic and documentary elements, and with original music based on the same principles Tesla was using to harness the natural electricity of the earth.

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