Pigments (Experimental Short Film)

"Pigments" (Experimental Short Film)
Metaphorical Statement:
Racism is often a desire to dominate or to be inferior to a race. It tends to dehumanize people. An individual is powerless of choosing what racial group are they going to belong from the moment they were born. The film shows the micro and macro perspective of racism. From personal difficulty of the person being discriminated to the different groups of people that are being discriminated. The group of people who were discriminating is cause by ignorance. Ignorance results to anger and unexplained emotions. At the end of the day, in order to stop this vicious cycle, this lack of knowledge should be addressed- the realization that we have more things in common that should bind than separate us. We wake up to the things that matter that should be beyond skin deep.

Cast & Crew:

Director/Writer/Editor: Kim Zuniga
DOP/Colorist: Sandro Del Rosario
Actors: Dawn Ignacio, Carlo Dawana, KJ Camero, Diego Zamoranos, Ariel Buenaventura, Raedag Villamin, Miguel Valdes
Special Thanks: Janssen Estrabella

*This short film is a requirement for my graduate school subject.*

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