Portrait – a documentary on photography

A documentary that explores the people behind the question, "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?"

Directed by Andy Newman.

Featuring Andria Lindquist and Cory Staudacher.

Cinematography by Andy Newman and Zach Frankart.

Original music written and performed by Jonathan Haidle.

Created with the power of Kickstarter and my wonderful backers.


Andy: http://madebyandy.com | Andria: http://andrialindquist.com | Cory: http://withheartsablaze.com
Zach: http://zachfrankart.com | Jonathan: http://jonathanhaidle-music.squarespace.com

Watch more:

Seattle: The Lost Footage and Behind the Scenes by Zach Frankart https://vimeo.com/46322412

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