Ran Ortner Trailer (documentary in process)

"The Ran Project" (working title) is a portrait of American artist Ran Ortner. The feature-length film is a meditation on and reflection of the creative process.

When I describe the film to people, they often ask: out of all the artists working today, why this one? Yet the very moment they glimpse the paintings, they get it. The tremendous power of this work makes itself immediately apparent. There is magic here. What is it about him? Even after following him for months and filming him for days, I don't have the answer.

Directed, Shot and Edited by Todd Holland
Produced by Ariane Conrad & Jim Gallagher
Additional editing by Julie Griesert
Ocean footage by Mickey Smith
Music: "Hello Nights", "Seven League Boots" and "Optimist" by Zoë Keating

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