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Dezombified TV!
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VIEWER STORIES AFTER DARK EP 3! This show cases viewer submitted letters with tales of scary encounters and the unexplained.
First, a disturbed house wife can't stop worrying that an evil thing evil is after her family. Also a college student lands a job as a night watch man but won't his first night be his last? Plus shout outs and mysterious weird strange news. Amazing stories you'll never forget. Great chilling stories for sharing at a party or sleepovers. Brave enough to watch alone in the dark? Have the stomach? May give you nightmares and leave you disturbed. Sit back, relax and enjoy!
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Hosted by Mr Kenny Dreadful aka Kennywise and Mama Miss~Stereo!!!
Dezombified TV's mission...broadcasting asmr horror stories so scary that you won't and can't believe! Chilling paranormal mysteries, shocking really hella disturbing viewer submitted stories, creepy pasta's, original tales and more for dark nights rainy or cold!
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