Red Earth Hip Hop

Take a music culture built on survival and introduce it to the world’s oldest surviving indigenous race. ‘Red Earth Hip Hop’ is the trailer for an inspiring, visceral documentary that examines the underground pulse that’s travelled all the way from the Bronx to the red heart of the Australian outback, empowering a new generation of Aboriginal Australian youth with both story and voice.

Didgeridoo meets turntable. Clap sticks meet beatbox. Under the wing of Australian Hip Hop artist ‘Morganics’, we’ll visit a regional community and witness first-hand the birth of a new music culture, seen through the eyes of a Nokia Lumia 920. This time, there’s no ghettos or urban jams. This stage is built on clay sands and millennia of story.

If ever there was a music to liberate the oppressed and celebrate the magic of song… that music would be ‘Red Earth Hip Hop’.

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