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Video surveillance cameras are installed for security reasons, in hotels, stores and gas stations to ensure the safety of the employees as well as the clients.
Here we have a collection of activities caught on video surveillance which are very disturbing. Perhaps the image on the recording itself isn't as disturbing as what happened to these people after they walked away from the cameras.
The two stories which are still a mystery are those of Elisa Lam & Avonte Oquendo. They were both last seen in a recording of a surveillance camera yet what happened after that sighting is still unknown.
Elisa, a young student was staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California when she was seen acting strange in the elevator CCTV. The next time Lam was seen she was inside a water tank on the roof of the hotel, already dead for several days. How she died, why and where are still a mystery. Why was she acting so strange and who was she hiding from?

Avonte Oquendo was a young autistic boy who ran out of his school in Long Island City, New York and last seen doing so in the surveillance camera. He was missing for 3 months before being found on the shore of the east river in College Point, 9 miles from where he was last seen. The whole time he was missing he went unseen and unheard of, while the whole city was on the look out for him.

There have been times where paranormal activity has been caught on surveillance tapes or where a white or dark shadow will cross by the screen. Just like the unexplained disappearances and deaths of Elisa and Avante these appearances on camera cannot be explained.

Please share your opinion, what do you think happened ? Do you think their lives would have been saved had anyone been paying attention to the surveillance cameras?

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