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The Connecticut River Valley Killer and Project MKULTRA

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.
This week our stories focus on a deranged killer who preyed on women and a notoriously infamous mind-control program run by the CIA. Get ready for Scary Mysteries, Twisted Two’s

#1The Connecticut River Valley Killer

During the 1980s, an unknown serial killer stabbed and killed 7 women around Claremont, New Hampshire and the Connecticut River Valley.

The first victim was 27-year old, Cathy Millican. An outdoor enthusiast she was photographing birds when she disappeared on October 24, 1978, her body was discovered the next day with 29 stab wounds, just yards away from where she was last seen.

Three years later on July 1981, 31-year old Mary Critchley disappeared while hitchhiking. Her body was found a month later and Then 16-year old nurse's aid, Bernice Courtemanche disappeared on May 30, 1984. She was also hitchhiking to see her boyfriend but never made it. Two months later another nurse, Ellen Fried, disappeared. She was speaking on the phone to her sister and mentioned seeing a car driving back and forth in the area that was creeping her out. They spoke for several minutes and it was the last time her sister or anyone else would ever hear from her.


Mind control – if it was possible then whoever could do it, would essentially be all powerful. You could make anyone, do anything you’d like at any moment and become a god. And that’s exactly why the US government was so interested in figuring out how to do it. So much so that the CIA once engaged in a very unusual and highly illegal program, hoping they could use mind control against the enemies of the United States – and it was called Project MKUltra.

The unusual name also has meaning; the MK serves as a designation that the Technical Services Staff ran it. Meanwhile the word Ultra was once used to identify the most classified programs under World War II intelligence.

The project was officially launched on April 13, 1953. was created to develop mind-controlling drugs to combat the mind controlling techniques allegedly being used by the North Koreans, Soviets and Chinese military against U.S. prisoners. America wanted to have a similar program while also hoping to use the drugs on foreign leaders, and they even attempted to drug Fidel Castro several times.

You can find a zip file of the documents in Project MKUltra in the description below if you’re interested in checking them out for yourself.


So there were a two of the most sinister and mind controlling stories around. The world can be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.