Sigur Rós ‘Valtari’ Mystery Film Experiment ::: Varúð by Luis Cage

This film has been made as an entry for Sigur Ros's music video competition, 'The valtari mystery film experiment'.
I'd be really glad for your support of my video:

"Earth, air, fire and water, no matter where you come from, no matter how you are, at the end we are all one.
No matter what your feeling, or your thought, or your face and your body, at the end we are all one.
Energy, harmony, balance, light, love, at the end we are all one."

Cast ::: Zula Dania, Fabiola Camilus, Alejandro Frese, Daniel Laget
Director & Producer ::: Luis Cage
Director of Photography ::: Miguel de la Cruz
Hair & Make-up ::: Paola Mazzoco & Quinn Garcidueñas
Costumer Designer ::: Esteban Arzate for KWA vestuario
Editor & Colorist ::: Luis Cage
Compositing and VFX ::: Luis Cage & Pablo Coa
Location ::: Universidad de la comunicación, Izrael Moreno
Casting ::: Luis Cage y Elke Garda
1st. Assistant Director ::: Pablo Coa
2nd. Assistant Director ::: Luis Alberto Mellado
1st. Assistant Camera ::: Jose Alejandro Gomes Rodriguez
Production Assistant ::: Cristina Cadena
Gaffer ::: Ventura Hernández
Staff ::: Eduardo Atahualpa Solis & Oscar Noe Martinez Jimenez
Lighting ::: Roberto Cruz & José Gamboa
Playback boy ::: Jaime Laget (teck)

Special Thanks to ::: Manuel Alfaro, Leonel Mijangos, Isabel Segura, Amelia Díaz, Claudio Zilleruerlo, Rubria Naela Ponce, Elias Zambrano, Manuel Bustos, Tita Sánchez

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