Sikkim – A Journey – Short Visual Poetry

"All rose from the same dust below,
From one came the millions,
Small steps have turned to miles,
Stars have now faded, in the sky.

Where I walked is, now, behind me,
A mystery, perennial, lies ahead,
What shall I speak of the past,
When the future has left me dumb.

Familiar sights have started to fade,
New ones grow onto my heart,
A dying tale of love revoked,
New heartbeats bringing back mine.

Look for the northern star to go forth,
Yet know where you come from,
New grounds walked, grasses trodden,
Paved a way for the rest.

Branches can shake and spread,
Can grow high until the skies,
Roots shall spread and kiss the earth,
A, romance that can't be severed.

Man's mind is like water,
New ripples replace the old,
Pebbles of memory lie below,
As they come, the mind shall grow.

Every eye I meet has a story anew,
A tale to hate or tale to love,
Even the diamond was once a stone,
And the mighty banyan a small seed."

Firstly I'd like to each and everyone for their constant support and love.
Here I present to you all with my first ever try at visual poetry, which was shot on my recent trip to Sikkim.

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Direction/Cinematography/Editing - Raghav Adhithya
Poem - Dheeraj Nanduri
Voice Over - Noel Mathew

I'd further like to show my gratitude towards Sanjay, Pravesh and Mugil for their help in the making. Big thanks for that!

Videos and Time Lapse shot on 5D Mark III & 60D using two lenses Tokina 11-16 f/2.8,
Tamron 24-70 f/2.8

Edited on Premier Pro CC 2017
Color Graded on DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Fields of Light by Stephen Anderson

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