Skywatchers cross-media trailer

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The theme of the transmedia universe is a certain type of unexplained light phenomena that appears all over the world. The transmedia elements are : documentary, augmented reality game for smartphones, gamified social web universe and real life participation. The documentary SKYWATCHERS will be 52-75 minutes long and is about how people deal when encountering unexplained lights, about the interpretations that are imposed on the experience afterwards and the meeting between different belief systems ranging from science to religion to skepticism. The documentary has been shot in Norway, Italy, England, Argentina and Australia. THE SKYWATCHERS INVESTIGATION is an augmented reality game and a gamified social web universe : players take on the role of investigators of mysterious lights in the sky. Players can visit actual locations of previous sightings, analyze report maps, generate their own theories, discuss, evaluate user-submitted evidence, and judge the trustworthiness of the content. Like many other collaborative online mystery games, each player contributes with a tiny piece to solve the puzzle, some specialize in pattern analysis, others give scientific perspectives, others again are just there for the exciting collaborative journey . The revolutionary difference here is that players are not playing in an “alternate reality” – everything is real ! They are actually trying to solve a modern mystery. We might not find an answer, but sometimes the journey for truth is the most rewarding.

This trailer is made with the purpose of presenting the theme and content of the cross-media project The Skywatchers Investigation for pitching in June 2012. Nordlys Film holds the rights to all the video images. The music rights are held by Colleen and Biosphere. This video will not be used for commercial purposes and will be removed as soon as the pitching forum is over.

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