I enjoyed my two day test drive with the new Sony a7s. Shooting 60p in full HD is not something I get to do every day, so I took advantage and conformed everything to 24fps to achieve the smooth, high res slow motion. I shot in one of the cinema presets to capture a low contrast image and then did a quick (maybe too stylized) MB Looks pass.

I affixed a Metabones adapter in order to use my Canon lenses. For the carousel scene, I shot with my Canon 24-70 2.8, and for the escalator shots, I used my Canon 50mm 1.2.

The a7s has its pluses and minuses. Low light performance is like nothing I’ve ever seen in a video camera, but focusing was tough, as the peaking feature on the tiny LCD was hard to read. And worst of all, for me anyway, the video record button is flush and at a weird position on the upper right rear of the body of the camera. I had to physically look for the button virtually every time I wanted to record.

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Sony a7s Test – People Movers – B&H and Philip Bloom NYC in a Minute Workshop