Speaking Tree Of Life ~ Soul Intelligence Academy (A New Twin Flame Tree of LOVE)


Speaking Tree of Life is an invitation into a journey of remembrance that synthesizes your soul’s blueprint into an embodied realization of profound beauty and passion. This integrative path opens vital aspects of your internal design (“tree”) from within the core of your royal heart, and immerses you back into a resonance with the power of the Unified Field.

Moments occur where we know there is more and yet we wonder about the awakening mystery. Birthing our reflections, from sacred guides and wisdom keepers, assists us to now anchor into the joy of one’s authentic experience where substance marries form. Surrendering into this safely unfolding experience gives us permission to take part in this evolutionary learning and stand in grounded receivership of our dynamic Earth's epoch together.

Follow the great wisdom and awe of your heart-mind and discover if this is resonant for you at this moment in your life. We deeply embrace you in birthing this new Divine Human ARC of consciousness in Sacred UNION!

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