Sprint “The Dream” – Making Of Documentary

This 'making of' documentary shows how the "Dream" was created. Artisan (www.artisan.co.uk, part of UVA) used d3 for their content mapping so they could see exactly what the camera filming the sequence would capture. Using perspective projection amongst other techniques, "The Dream" is a perfect project to show what d3 can do.

From the official press release by Leo Burnett (23 May 2012):
If your phone could truly “sleep,” what would it dream? A new interactive on-screen cinema experience created by Sprintin partnership with “Team Sprint” – integrated brand agency Digitas and ad agency Leo Burnett – encourages moviegoers to turn off their mobile device in exchange for a custom mobile phone “dream.” More than 1,000 NCM Movie Theaters will show the experience on nearly 18,000 screens as part of Sprint’s courtesy-message sponsorship that asks moviegoers to turn off their phones prior to the start of a movie.

At the outset of the user’s movie theater experience, Sprint’s 40-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) directs people to text the word “dream” to 60602 before putting their mobile phone to sleep (turning off the device). Once the mobile is awakened after the movie, users will find a text prompt asking them to opt-in via Facebook. After opting-in, users are rewarded with a personalized 15-second video clip capturing what the device has been “dreaming” while it was ”sleeping.” “Many have created on-screen cinema spots before, but no one has tied it to a phone experience,” said Kevin Drew Davis, EVP, Executive Creative Director, Digitas. “We’ve taken cinema from the silver screen to your mobile phone, all while activating a social community that can spread the word outside the theater.”

"Our mission was to create something that would take full advantage of the power and scale of a cinematic experience," said Michael Boychuk, SVP, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett. "We challenged ourselves to shoot Dream without any computer-generated graphics and instead used a full-size art installation. We wanted to make sure the film was captivating, so much that opting-in to the mobile experience was a no-brainer, and I think we accomplished that."

The personalized dream is developed over a two-hour period and leverages Facebook activity – photos and specified interests – to create a dream relevant to each user’s phone. In addition, users can easily share the personalized dream with friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Sprint’s interactive cinema experience, Dream, will be available in NCM Movie Theaters until the end of 2012.

Team Sprint – Campaign Credits:
Client/Ad or Campaign: Sprint's "Dream" Cinema PSA for NCM Theaters
Agency: Team Sprint - Leo Burnett & Digitas
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle
Creative Directors: Michael Boychuk, Kevin Drew Davis, Mark Moll
EVP, Executive Director of Production: Chris Rossiter
Producer: Bryan Litman, Amanda Riley
Account Team: Vanessa Mackey, Julie Holton and Melissa Wolf
Production Company: Artisan
Director: Artisan and Chris Turner
VFX/SPX: Artisan
Editorial: Trim Edit
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Director of Photography: James Medcraft
Sound Design: Scanner

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