Sylvan Duck

“Sylvan Duck” is about a girl entering the forest and the forest entering a girl. There is no other evidence of her identity apart from her earth-metallic dress, her agony and her inconsistent behavioral patterns. It is not clear whether she is a ‘hunter’ or being ‘hunted’. The director merely provides clues in the form of omens, attempting to solve a mystery riddle of consecutive events. The film draws inspiration from the term “the eye of the duck” coined by David Lynch, referring to the secret scene that lead us into the core of each film.


Film Direction: Stavro Christo Vlachakis
Clothes: Yiorgos Eleftheriades
Model: Monika Kwiecień
Editing: Stavro Christo Vlachakis
Sound: Stavro Christo Vlachakis
Make Up and Hair: Georgios Fytas (
Production Manager: Minas Minatsis (

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