Telegrams from Room 25 – RRL // Hero Butterflies


Hero Butterflies is quite possibly my proudest piece as a songwriter.

The idea of unexplained independent forces driving a creative process is not new. The people of Ancient Greece attributed all art to an external catalyst or energy force they referred to as the ‘genius’. Tom Waits curses these energy forces frequently for their poor timing. Furthermore, I’m certain these forces are interacting not only with artists but ALL people ALL the time. I believe that we are selected individually and very specifically as an expressive vehicle for an unsung messenger. (NOT a messenger of ‘God’. NOT an angel or a ghost but rather, unsettled energy). However, attempting to capture and utilize this brand of inspiration when it is thrust upon us so unexpectedly can be frustrating, particularly if it strikes at 5 o’clock in the middle of rush hour traffic. BUT, when the stars align and the mind is free, clear and open, sometimes, the result is ‘Yesterday’.

The circumstances that led me to write ‘Butterflies’ can be described as a serendipitous moment of clarity. Amy Winehouse had been cold for less than 72 hours. Though I was grieved by her sudden death she was not in the fore front of my mind when I arbitrarily picked up my guitar. It wasn’t until the song began to unravel that I made a perceived connection? All the fundamental nuts and bolts (chords, melodies, words) were composing themselves and I was just a means of transport. Kevin, who had been preoccupied on the computer, made a curious dash to the sofa and longingly ogled the guitar out of my deviant arms. The two of us sat there, one-on-one, wanting, reaching and playing faithfully into the hands of our ‘genius’. The song was finished in a matter of minutes.

‘Hero Butterflies’ arrived without warning but with definite purpose. I won’t disclose my personal interpretation of the song because I can’t be certain I am correct. As well, I prefer to let the listener internalize and find their own meaning.

(P.S After a long day of treacherous battles with his uncooperative voice, Kevin sings it with the very last of every damn thing he had.... )

Director // Kenny Wong
Camera // Brittany Farhat, Kenny Wong
Sound Recordist // Josh Jenkins (JJJ Sound Productions)

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