The Cloud Factor

Scarcely audible from the noise about global warming,
a breathtaking story about natural variability and climate is told.

“Our clouds take their orders from the stars,” says Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark.
That's the amazing and provocative discovery reported here. Most experts thought the idea was crazy.
The film demonstrates that science can be a rough place to be if you are in opposition to the established “truth”. But strong support for the cosmic view of climate change comes from astronomer Nir Shaviv and geologist Jan Veizer. In the film they tell how the Galaxy has governed the Earth's ever-changing climate over 500 million years.

Linking all the discoveries is the non-stop rain of cosmic rays – energetic particles from exploded stars that battle with the Sun's magnetic field to reach the Earth. Central in the story is an experiment in a Copenhagen basement. It showed how cosmic rays help to make chemical specks in the air on which water drops condense to make clouds.

The Cloud Mystery records 10 years of effort by the small team of scientists and reveals astonishing pictures from our Galaxy, the Sun, and cloud formation. Spectacular animations are added to simplify the science. Comments by astronomers, geologists and climate experts convey their sense of adventure, and give scientific weight to the discoveries presented. The audience is taken on a trip around the world, where scientists from Denmark, Israel, Canada, the USA, and Norway contribute to this exciting story.

The director and journalist Lars Oxfeldt Mortensen has produced a number of international acclaimed documentaries. He is the winner of numerous awards including CirCom Regional, Monte Carlo and the Télé Science awards.

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