Transylvania has three prominent literary claims to fame: Dracula, Frankenstein, and Count St. Germain. And what they share is the Solomon School — the fabled and often wrongly demonized Scholomance — an esoteric mystery school with shamanic roots in the neolithic era. After learning the secrets of the light and the dark, their final examination involved copying all they knew about humanity into the Solomonar’s book.

Like Giordano Bruno before them, they became legendary wandering alchemists, who have sworn on the “rocks of Solomon” to uphold their way of life. The Order of Phosphorus is symbolic of fire illuminated from clay, of light emerging from darkness — rebirth of the Phoenix from ashes. The central theme of Masonry is the symbolism of the initiation of a Master Mason, with the ritual death and resurrection.

The magicians of this guild use the hidden nature of darkness to reveal light and gnosis within themselves. This is analogous to the emergence of Zero Point Energy from the Vacuum — meta-syn light — All Form is Void. Bright space is the son of dark space, which emerges from the depths of the great dark waters. He shines forth as the sun; he is the blazing divine dragon of wisdom and self-realization.

The finite is triple, because it is ever-manifesting — archetype, form and matter. Lifeforce is a universal essence in which father, mother, son, as a unity, and a quaternary, is a living manifestation that leads to the archaic idea of immaculate conception, now finally crystallizing as the Stone.

In our tale of The Count, dear reader, all of these lives intertwine in the Deep, hidden behind the mystic veil of the ancient Mysteries — unbound by space and time. The dragon of alchemy “devours, fertilizes, begets, slays, and brings itself to life again,” as does St. Germain…with the help of Dr. Frankenstein, and the Elixir of Dracula’s Heart, which he must recreate to keep regenerating and serving mankind.

Dracula’s Heart is an allusion to the Great Rite, Secret of Secrets, or “Sacred Wedding”, Hieros Gamos of the Royal Dragons, also known as the Elixir or Philosopher’s Stone. The sacred marriage is celebrated symbolically in the great rite of the union of sky and earth: “As Above, So Below”. It is a ritual that permeates all cultures. In Egyptian mythology, Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris, sought and reassembled his body after his murder and dismemberment by his brother Seth. In this connection, she took on the role of the goddess of rebirth, and restored him in a more evolved form.

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The Count, Trailer 5, (c)2014 Iona Miller & Thomas Schoenberger