This is what happens when scientists have too much time on their hand and some weird guy with a camera. No tripod, no boards, no preproduction, no apologies.

I would like to give a huge shout out to all the people who helped make this happen and agreed to get weird in front of the camera for me: Stephanie Peacock, Anna Crandall, Coady Webb, Lauren Portner, Dana Berg, Jenni Schine, Zypher Polk, Alex Reiss, Salix Webb, Alexandra Morton, Peter Harrington, Melissa Orobko, Mack Bartlett, Julia Ashley Simmerling, Dylan Smyth, Samantha Crowley, Katie Chan, Andrew Bateman,

Now without further adieu,enjoy Stephanie Peacock’s epic rap about her PHD Thesis.

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The Fresh Fish of the Broughton