As the top-rated A&E paranormal special of 2011, The Ghost Prophecies follows Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and renowned paranormal investigator Chad Calek and his investigative team, comprised of Justin Holstein, Joe Ansley and Mary Beth Wylie, as they travel to the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, to investigate what may be the most dangerous case they've ever investigated... the legend of Room 18.

Padlocked shut since 1995 after a string of patrons spent the night in room 18, only to mysteriously die shortly after, Room 18 has terrified both guests, and the owners of the St. James Hotel, who earnestly believe that Room18 is inhabited by a powerful ghosts who has the ability to kill a human being.

As disbelievers of the legend of Room 18, after capturing an absolutely shocking piece of paranormal evidence only minutes into their initial paranormal investigation of the property, Calek, Wylie, Holstein and Ansley are forced to consider the possibility that Room 18 may possess an unknown force unlike anything they've ever before encountered.

Although admittedly unnerved, the opportunity to change the course of history of the St. James Hotel overrides his Calek's fear, causing him to instruct the hotel to have the padlock removed from the allegedly haunted quarters, so that he may put the legend of Room 18 to the test by spending the night.

What happens next, is something you have simply have to see to believe.

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