The Heroines Journey Coherent Heart Webinar

Many people today are feeling stress, anxiety, and cold depression at unprecedented levels. The American Institute of Stress reports 60-90% of all doctor visits are stress related at the root cause. The reasons are many including: information overload, financial strain, political uncertainty, loss of meaning and purpose in life, and the environmental crisis.

This webinar is for you if you can relate to the following: Do you experience stress or a prevailing anxiety?
Do you have a feeling of fear or an unexplained sense of impending danger?
Are you experiencing a sense of powerlessness about your life's situation?
Have you experienced heart palpitations or a racing heart, even though your doctor says nothing is wrong?
Do you feel that you are living the life someone else has planned for you?
Do you believe that you may be experiencing an “awakening”?
A deep sense of loneliness or “home sickness”
A loss of meaning

Here's some highlights of what you'll take away:

Simple yet powerful techniques to master stress, anxiety, and cold depression in just 11-minutes a day
Learn what are the masculine and feminine aspects of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) are how to rebalance them
Experience what heart coherence is and how it can help realign you with your higher Self
Learn how to do to help prevent panic attacks--before they begin
Learn how to match your heartbeat with the beat of the Universe
Prepare your nervous system for "higher vibrational voltages”

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