The Last American Indian On Earth

The Last American Indian On Earth

A short documentary about contemporary artist Gregg Deal's first performance piece "The Last American Indian On Earth" (TLAIOE), a piece he carried for a year. TLAIOE explores the romantic, misunderstood and often racist interactions average Americans have when encountering an Indigenous person. The performance allows Deal to explore this strange American interaction, the problems with it and the critical thinking that goes in to asserting identity and enacting change.

In Loving Memory of Gene Deal :: 1955-2015

Written and Directed by Gregg Deal
Initial Photography by Megan Deal
Initial Video by Emmanuel Soltes
Director of Photography by Dakota Fine
Additional Photography Provided by Dakota Fine
Produced by Gregg Deal, Megan Deal and Emmanuel Soltes

Musical Credits:

"What Makes A Red Man Red" written and performed by Frank Waln

"Change The Name" written and performed by Native Expressions (Jeremy Davis, Nick DePerry, Elgin Goodsky and Harvey Goodsky)

"Keep Moving" written and performed by Mòomat

Special Thanks To:
Kerry Lessard, JayCee Beyale, Emmanuel Soltes, Joe Genetin-Pilawa, Erica Lee Schlalkjer, Ben Rosch, Jared Covington, Shane Begay, Adam Wesley Lancaster, Keenan Rager Holmes, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Jeremy DeKay, Gabriel Lopez Shaw, Peter Chang, Brandon Hill, Shyanne Beatty, Deidree Bennet, Juan Magdaraog, Layla Hardy, Jack Labadie, Kenny Friedman, Jeff Martin, Tricia Steele, Laurie Kandel, Aaron Minnick, Tonya Deal, Bobbi Deal, Gene Deal, Coleman Deal, Rebecca Stone Gordon, Sid Ewing, Sameuel Owl, Heidi Sills, Mark Blacknell, Brooks Harbertson, Gabriel Pons, Raquel Halsey, Nancy Jean Spray Prymak Pratt, Kevin and Crystal Rodrigue, Robin E. S. Kovzelove, Lori White, Kraynal Alfred, Rhiana Sheridan, Kendall Hill, Jim and Lori Phipps, April Hale, Christinia Fike, Kelly Carter Uzzo, Marvin Fuentes, Robb Hampton, The Roden Family, Alexis and Andrew Dyer, Frank Waln and Tanaya Winder.

Very Special Thanks to Minky, Huittsuu, Bear, Nubs, Naka'i and Holland

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