The Last Play: Operation Blueprint

A game of life and death unfolds from Ancient Times, theres no time left on the clock, the Final Play is yet to come. An Epic finish to an Epic Mystery.

An ancient “GPS” unlocks the greatest mystery of all time:
SIX keys, ONE truth.

Do you wonder about the future—your future? Are you asking the big questions, such as, How will the world unfold? What will happen to my family? Is there a reason our world is the way it is … or is everything merely left to chance?

If you’re like most people, you’ve discovered that going through life with a plan gives your future meaning and hope. Yet did you know an even bigger plan is unfolding all around you, a plan you can be an active part of, a plan that will give you hope and meaning and joy?

Operation Blueprint: Earth's Final Movie

Coming April 2014

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