The Old School House – Teaser Trailer

The 6th feature documentary from the Native American Paranormal Project explores a building on the campus of Northeastern State University known as The Old Bacone House which serves as the university's Center for Tribal Studies. But in 1867 it was once home to Cherokee orphans from the Civil War. After a few years it held it's first class as Indian University ran by Almon C. Bacone. Mr. Bacone would then take his school to Muskogee to where Bacone College stands today. The building in Tahlequah, after the university left, was then used as Cherokee Academy for a few years before being used as a private residence. In the early 80's NSU began talks about bringing it back to campus use and eventually it would become the permanent home to the Center for Tribal Studies.

During that time it has seen a lot of history. The current staff will tell you that history is alive and well, in spirit form. Over the last few decades many unexplained events have occurred, many sights of unknown people roam the building. In August of 2017 the Native American Paranormal Project visited the old building and documented their time there. They spoke with the current and former staff who have heard and seen these paranormal events. Their findings and the history of this 150 year old home will be featured in "The Old School House" documentary.

This is the teaser trailer to the film. Enjoy.

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