The Old Sheldon Church – Amazing History and Clear EVPS!!

If The Old Sheldon Church, located near Beaufort S.C., could talk, it would tell us many tales, ranging from war stories, to abounding love and mourningful mothers.
Built from 1745-1755, it was considered to be a grand design until 1779, when General Prevost attempted to burn it down during the Revolutionary War. He almost succeeded but fortunately the thick brick walls and columns survived. During the Civil War, General Sherman attempted to burn the church as well when he marched to Atlanta. Again the walls and columns held making this church famous in our Nations history.
There are other tales of a ghostly lady in a plain, brown pilgrim style dress who walks around her sons grave weeping sorrowfully. People have seen unexplained lights flickering around the cemetery, heard voices and even expressed a sorrowful feeling being there.
Join Stacy as she investigates this peaceful and beautiful place to see what she finds.
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