“The Readings” will explore the trajectory of our future by examining the evidences provided by doctors employing Cayce therapy.

When Edgar Cayce, “the Father of Holistic Medicine,” was under hypnosis, he could see through a person’s body no matter where the person was and give a reading. Not only could he provide medical knowledge such as the cause of disease and its treatment, but also answers even to questions on the universe. How did he acquire and develop this incredible ability? Why did God give the enigmatic power to Cayce?
Through major illnesses of this age, the movie closes in on the life of Cayce and the mystery of the readings with the help of Shigeru Mitsuda, the president of the Edgar Cayce Center in Japan.

『THE READINGS -A key to spiritual enlightenment-』official page

THE READINGS -A key to spiritual enlightenment-


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